Available Presentations

I offer a variety of genealogy presentations for your library, society or even your Family reunion.  I can also customize a presentation to fit your needs. If you have a special presentation in mind or are interested in one of the current lectures or new presentations for 2019 please feel free to inquire

Honorarium based on venue. Travel expenses may be applied.

All lectures are accompanied with Power Point presentations unless otherwise requested. Syllabus available for all presentations $2.00 per copy, also available in PDF format (cost based on venue) for venue reproduction. 

See examp  of available presentations below. 

available presentations

Probate Records; Proof of life, After life


 Understanding types of probate records and definitions of common probate terms will help put together the life of your ancestors after their life. 

Patents and Deeds: Ancestral Footprints


 Understanding the difference and knowing how to apply some of the  features of each document can unlock family secrets not recorded  anywhere else.  

Lineage Societies: It starts with one


Considerations for a successful Lineage Society Application.

Early Migration routes of the Old Northwest Territory


From the Great Lakes to the Ohio River. The roads and tributaries in between.

Map reading for Genealogists: When North isn't


Understanding terminology found in deeds, patents, and surveys. Locating old  properties on new maps.

Land Acts that defined the United States


From the Revolutionary War to the Civil War, Land acts defined and dictated everything from our Constitution to our migration and settlement.