About ONG

Our Beginning

 Sitting  in the main branch of the Columbus Public Library one January evening in 1992, I  ran across a book that contained rosters of Ohio soldiers in the  Spanish American War. Remembering my Father telling me that his Father  had served in that war, I was intrigued enough to search for him in the  pages. Finding his name, I called my Father to see if this information  really was for my Grandfather. He said it was and went on to challenge  me to do a family tree. Curiosity got the best of me and here we sit!! 

Time flies!

For 25+ years, thousands  of hours and documents, hundreds of repositories, courthouses and  cemeteries, and my fair share of mistakes have led me to the competency I  maintain and strive to improve on as all Professional Genealogists do.

Clear and accurate research

Having  been a student and researcher of Genealogy now for over a quarter century, I have a unique understanding and appreciation for family history  and how to present it.Your family's story deserves to be told in a clear, concise and factual manner. As  a Professional Genealogist, I am bound by a code of ethics that dictates  the promotion of a coherent, truthful approach to genealogy, family,  history, and local history.