Fairfield County Zanes Trace Corridor Project

Zanes Trace - Where were you??

Zanes Trace was the first road authorized by the Continental Congress into the area North and West of the Ohio River. Etched out in 1798 by Col Ebenezer Zane, and built by a crew led by his Brother in law and sons, Zane's road ran from Wheeling VA to Maysville KY.

The exact location of Zane's Trace has been lost in history and remains unknown. Much speculation has been written as history but no one has ever documented the exact location of "The Trace". 

What we're doing

Unable to believe that no one knew the true location of Zane's Trace, a small group of us got together in Fairfield County, Ohio with the goal of figuring out exactly where The Trace ran through the county.

Searching through original survey notes and plats written from 1798 - 1801 we were able to locate how the trace ran through Fairfield County, Township by Township and Section by Section. With help from Fairfield County, we are working on a map that will be published showing how the Trace was laid out through every section of the county. The completion of our project is greatly anticipated by the Ohio History Connection.

A work in progress

I will update our progress in future blogs on this site.